Maxi Dresden Plate Baby Quilt

Suddenly I'm on the cusp of a new modern quilting revolution. Moda launch their now famous Momo Wonderland fabric line and we all go mad for it. Modern quilts have been made and blogged about on the internet for a year or so, suddenly this is filtering through into books. I buy my first quilt book that has pictures in that I actually like! I'm no longer just looking at quilts and trying to filter out the fabric choices of the maker and insert my own imaginary fabric. The now classic Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts is published and PurlSoho in New York is selling the kind of quality modern fabric and old fashioned quality tools that I have been craving. Bye bye rubbishy UK market stall haberdashery for me. I finally feel like my quilts 'fit' in somewhere.

This quilt was drafted using Brio train track, the wedge ruler was still an unknown to me. I draw around a circular brio traintrack onto wall paper then subdivide the paper polo, no mean feat when 8 months pregnant Oh how I loved this quilt.

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